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Academy of Educational Empowerment: School of Medicine & Law

Lead Teacher: Ms. Daltorio
Counselor: Ms. Gonzalez-White
Assistant Principal: Ms. Cruz

Welcome to Roybal, and to AEE.
Your journey is on its way!
Your Assistant Principal is Ms. Cruz in Room 371.  She is there to help you with anything you may need at Roybal.

The AEE Leadership Teacher is Ms. Chau; her classroom is in room 211.  Your counselor is Ms. Gonzalez-White and she can be found in Room 142. Ms. Gonzalez-White can help you with your schedule, your transcript, summer school, adult school classes, and more.

Once your classes are underway, keep track of your progress by checking in with each of your teachers once a week to find out what your grade is and what you need to do to improve. By catching problems early, you can prevent your grade from falling. Keeping in touch with your teachers will help your grades improve, and will show your teachers that you care.
Mission Statement


Academy of Educational Empowerment (AEE): School of Medicine & Law – AEE is committed to helping students become college-bound leaders. As an academy, AEE develops and fosters student interest in the fields of Law and Medicine through career exploration assignments and activities in homeroom classes. We celebrate student honor, integrity, respect and academic excellence through AEE assemblies that spotlight student leaders. Furthermore, we invite guest speakers to our campus who can engage the students, share their stories and career descriptions, and foster interest in the fields of law and medicine.  Currently, AEE students take college preparatory and advanced placement classes to help them be college-ready.  In addition to current achievements, AEE is currently in a transition phase.  The Academy is planning to incorporate the Project Lead the Way curriculum next year, and offer the first in a serious of Bio-Medical classes that will help educate and empower our students and prepare them for the rigors of college classes with 21st century skills that may have a focus on medicine and biology.  AEE also plans to incorporate very subject specific electives that bring focus to our themes of Medicine and Law.  In addition, AEE will implement “Writing Across the Curriculum” to offer a network of support to our teachers and students by implementing a uniform method of teaching reading and writing.  Lastly, AEE has plans to revamp a Mentoring Program by creating a teacher-led club that will oversee Senior Mentors and the underclassmen they assist and guide through their high school journey.

AEE Faculty
​ & Staff
Ms. An
Ms. Capobianco
Ms. Gonzalez-White
Mr. Keaney
Mr. Hayden
Ms. Wan
Roybal Support Staff
Brenda Trujillo