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BFA Academy

The Small Learning Community provides students with a firm academic and technical foundation and an understanding of global economic systems, financial markets, products, services, and institutions.

BFA Integrates classroom instruction with workplace experience:
  • Allows high school students to achieve the understanding and practical skills they will need to begin careers and make educated choices about the financial service industry
  • Students gain firsthand experience in the word of finance through job shadowing, internships and job interviews.
  • Become familiar with people, functions, and organizations in the finance industry.
  • Visit banks, financial exchanges, colleges/universities, and public service organizations.
BFA Educators

CRUZ, BLANCA Assistant Principal

Alvarez, Pedro Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Tutoring

Angello, Valerie Special Education / Leadership/ BFA Lead Teacher

Barajas, Hector Spanish

Bautista, Robert Physical Education

Carpenter, Elim Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance

Espeleta, Ruvi English

Gonzalez-White, Martha BFA Counselor

Gordillo, Carlos Special Education/ History/English

Guerbaoi, Cheryl Expository Reading & Writing, English 9

Le, Bong Chemistry / Mentor Teacher

Shipp, Audrey English

Nguyen, Sonny Algebra 1, 2, Geometry

Nunez, Jose World History

Soto, Leslie Social Science
BFA Soap Project- Parent Presentation Night