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Students » Khan Academy- Free SAT Classes

Khan Academy- Free SAT Classes

Sign up to receive free tutoring and support for the SAT Exam!  Roybal has it's own online Khan Academy class for all students wishing to practice for the SAT exam.  
Register for a Khan Account

Step 1
Log in to or create your
Khan Academy account at www.

   ►  Log in to or create your Khan Academy account
 ►Go to
 ►Click green button labeled “Check it out now
 ►Sign in with Gmail, Facebook,
or click “Sign up with
 ►If you click Sign in with Gmail or Facebook,
enter in your username and password for
either these accounts and you are signed in
 ►If you click “Sign up with email” Enter in
and click “
Sign Up”
An email will been sent to your account
to verify; sign
in to your email
Open email from Khan Academy accounts
click on the “Finish Signing Up” button
A welcome screen will appear where you will enter username and password and click “SignUp




Step 2
When prompted, agree to link
your Khan Academy and
College Board accounts

You have logged into
Academy for the first time and will be asked if you would like to send PSAT results
If you already have a Khan Academy account, a prompt will appear asking
if you want to send your PSAT results to Khan Academy
Afterchoosing that option, you will be directed to




Step 3
Sign in or create your
College Board Account and hit “Send” to send your scores

  ►Sign in to your College Board account; if you do not have a
College Board account, click
'Sign Up' to create one.
  ►The steps for creating a
College Board account are:
  ►Click on the “Sign up” blue box
  ►Fill in the fields to create your
student account ensuring all information is correct
  ►Click “Next” at the bottom
when all fields are completed
  ►You are now Signed In
After successfully logging in to your College Board account,
you will be asked for permission to link your accounts.
After clicking “Send” you will
be redirected
to SAT practice
on the Khan Academy site.
You can remove the link at
any time, by clicking on
“Revoke” which is found in College Board account settings.




Add yourself to the Roybal SAT Practice Course: 

  • Once you have created your course, select your name in the top right hand corner of your Khan account. 
  • Select profile.  
  • Select the "Coaches" tab 
  • In the field "Join a class"  type: S65ADU77    
You have now joined the course.  You can add more courses based on your own interests, but you are now able to practice at your own pace. Multiple assignments have been posted so that you can complete them, based on your individual needs.